Lab Opportunites

Postdoctoral Researchers
We are seeking postdoctoral researchers with a background in analysis and interpretation of multiple types of ‘omics data, especially ATAC-seq and RNA-seq, to push forward our research in the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). Experience performing molecular QTL analyses a big plus. Please contact Terry for more information.

Graduate Students
The Furey lab is actively recruiting highly motivated graduate students interested in pursuing a PhD degree in computational biology focused on biological areas of interest in the lab. We are especially interested in students looking for opportunities to analyze and interpret genetic and multiple types of ‘omics from IBD patients samples as part of our collaboration with the Sheikh lab. Students with a strong background in programming and/or statistics are encouraged to contact Terry about rotation opportunities.


Undergraduate Students
Students with programming experience and an interest in gaining experience performing research in computational biology should contact Terry about research possibilities with the lab.